About Aeon

The company AEON MOTOR CO., LTD was established in 1998, and so was the brand AEON. AEON's success is due to insisting on utilizing technology and speed to cultivate instant customer values, and promoting creativity through reforms and innovations to transform AEON into a trend in a whole new territory.   
Build on the policy of “Quality, Excellence, Customer Satisfaction, and Sustainable Business” and moving towards heavy-duty, diversified, leisure, lifestyle, and creative product lines, AEON has successfully developed and produced a variety of scooters, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and electric vehicles.     
AEON’s quality foundation is based on solid R&D coupled with professional production technology. Our products are supported by QS9000 and ISO9001 certified quality system together with multi-national certification. In addition, it is our constant commitment to excellent cost control and complete customer service. With an attitude of attentive, creative, reforming and innovative, AEON will open up a whole new market era.  

All Aeon vehicles including engines are assembled in Taiwan and exported worldwide.

Aeon Story

1998 ■  50/90/125 cc scooters entered European & USA market
■  Introduced Cobra 50/90 cc ATVs in the USA market
  ■  Started OEM/ODM for POLARIS
■  Introduced 50/90/125 cc ON-ROAD ATVs in the European market
  ■  Became the first Taiwanese firm to manufacture ON-ROAD ATVs
■  Introduced mini ATVs
■  50/90cc youth ATVs became the number 1 selling youth ATV in the USA
■  Introduced Taiwan's first 2WD shaft-driven ATV with the Phoenix 200
■  Awarded Golden Trade Award and Rising Star Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs
  ■  Introduced Cobra 200 cc sport ATV, 2WD shaft-driven to the market
■  Introduced Crossland 300 utility ATV, 2WD shaft-driven to the market
■  Outlaw 50/90 (Youth, Sport) and Sportsman 90 (Youth, Utility) ATVs now conforms with USA EPA/CARB regulation; remained the top seller in the youth section  
  ■  Became the first Taiwanese company to manufacture UTV with the introduction of Cube 300 UTV, 2WD shaft-driven
■  Introduced Crossland 350 utility ATV, 2WD shaft-driven, Cobra 350 sport ATV, and Cube 350 UTV, 4WD shaft-driven with IRS to the market
2009 ■  Introduced Crossland 350 utility ATV, 4WD shaft-driven to the market
  ■  Ranger RZR 170 UTV became the top seller of its class, and one of the four most innovative Polaris product
■  Introduced Elite 125/350 cc and Urban 350 cc scooters to European & other markets
  ■  Aeon became the first Taiwanese company and second in the world to manufacture electric UTV with the Vanish electric UTV, 4WD shaft-driven & IRS 
2011 ■  Official product launch in Taiwan
  ■  Introduced Co-in 110/125 scooter to the Taiwanese market
    ■  Introduced MY 125 motorcycle to the Taiwanese market
        ■   Introduced Elite 250 scooter in the Taiwanese market, and became the best seller of its class in Taiwan
  ■  Introduced Taiwan's first 350 cc 3-wheel scooter into the European market 
  ■  GreTai Securities Market approved Aeon stock trading
■  Elite 250 scooter received the Taiwan Excellence Award
    ■  Introduced OZ 125/150 scooters in the Taiwanese market 
  ■  National Superstar Jay Chou became the official brand ambassador
  ■  Aeon received the 9th Annual National Brand Yushan Award
  ■  Officially listed and trading in GreTai Securities Market
■  Introduced Elite300i in the Taiwanese market
  ■  3W Elite 250 and OZ 150 received the Taiwan Excellence Award
       ■  Global Views magazine named Aeon the 18th breakout brands 
  ■  ATV & QUAD Magazine named the COBRA 400 as the number one in   the 300-500 cc QUAD class; CROSSLAND 400 became the third in the 300-550 cc ATV class
■  Co-in 125 scooter received the Taiwan Excellence Award
  ■  Introduced OZ 150 Polini scooter in the Taiwanese market
  ■  Introduced ES 150 scooter in the Taiwanese market
■ ES150 & My150 received the Taiwan Excellence Award
  ■ 3D-350 got the 12th National Brand YUSHAN Award-Best Product (first award)
  ■ Introduced OZS 150 scooter in Taiwanese market
  ■ Introduced Elite300 E scooter in Taiwanese market
  ■ Introduced OPEN x Co-in 125, OPEN x My-150 co-branded scooter in Taiwanese market
■ 3D-350 got the 24th Taiwan Excellence Award and Gold Award 
  ■ 3D-350 successfully got the Guinness World Record with biggest scale of 3-wheel motorcycle parade 
  ■ Got the 13th first award of excellent enterprise leader of National Brand YUSHAN Award
■ Cooperate with "kahara" Japan for co-branded scooter ES150 EVA version in Taiwanthe market
  ■ Elite300 E got 25th Taiwan Excellence Award and Silver Award
  ■ OZS150 got 25th Taiwan Excellence Award
  ■ Got the 4th Outstanding Backbone Enterprise Award